Elder Awbride: The Interview

President Lewis always takes a special interest in new missionaries. Maybe it has something to do with the influence the priests had onhim when he first started his mission so long ago. It was a confusing point in his life, one filled with questions about his sexuality and his identity. But the strong men who guided him towards The Order seemed to answer all those questions for him. No longer did he feel lost or confused. Instead, he suddenly had purpose - to serve the priesthood with every bit of his being. To this day, those same priests who welcomed him at the start of his mission are some of the most influential people in his life. Getting the chance to have that kind of impact on a young boy like Elder Awbride is too much power for President Lewis to pass up. He may be driven by his ego, but being such a huge figure in a missionary’s life makes Lewis’s loins stir and his cock grow hard. Even just the look of bewildered deference on Awbride’s face is enough to make Lewis’s blood boil in anticipation. He can’t wait to sample the boy’s supple body, to feel his skin under his fingertips and expose Awbride to the world of sexual servitude he is poised to become a part of. In the meantime, as Awbride looks into Lewis’s piercing eyes, he sees everything he hopes to be one day. A confident man who seems to know exactly what he wants and what he is doing with his life. He hopes that by starting his mission, he will be able to become as self-assured and strong as Lewis. Lewis informs Awbride that he is going to ask a series of questions that require total honesty. He begins by inquiring about whether the boy has ever had any dirty thoughts. Awbride innocently denies it. But Lewis senses the lie immediately. “Are you attracted to me,” he asks the boy, but Awbride is too caught off guard to hide it. The only recourse is for Lewis to take physical control of the situation. He tells Awbride that he is going to do things to his body that require complete trust. Awbride assures the man he has his trust. At this point, the boy is willing to follow wherever Lewis leads him. Tying the young missionary’s hands behind his back, Lewis runs his hands over his body. Awbride feels his cock grow within his pants. His mind begins to race, and he feels the urge to touch himself in front of the strong man. He asks for permission and then moves his hand down to his crotch to wrap his fingers around his shaft. He strokes as Lewis caresses him. Then Lewis lets the boy shoot hot cum all over his eager face. Awbride can hardly believe what he’s done, and just as Lewis had hoped, he will never forget this moment as long as he lives.

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