Elder Dalton: Home of the Bretheren

Elder Dalton’s innocence excites the men of the Order but is also a source of concern. There is a chance that the boy may break during one oftheir explorations of his body. The intensity of pleasure of a thick cock in his asshole could be too much for him to handle. But the only way to discover whether the boy has the steadfastness to continue his mission and keep on his journey towards the high priesthood of The Order is to test his limits. The Sacrament is a perfect test of the boy’s resolve. Beckoning him into a dark room, the masked member of the Order approaches petite Dalton without an ounce of sympathy in his eyes. Sexual power emanates off his body as he caresses the boy’s silky skin, rubbing his hand across his hairless chest, and reaching down to rub the boy’s waiting dick. Dalton can barely contain his excitement as the masked man drips oil on his body. He bends over and watches as the man lubricates his sweet hole and inserts a finger. The anticipation for his dick builds, and his own penis hardens as he imagines what it will feel like. He moans as the ceremonial crystal rod is thrust into his rectum and the masked man plunges deeper and deeper, making space for his meaty prick. The boy looks up innocently as he fondles the masked man’s cock, hoping to find some warmth in his eyes. But he finds only cold concentration before dipping down to wrap his lips around the head of the man’s pulsing penis. Then he bends over and takes the massive dick in his butthole, gasping orgasmically as he is penetrated. The boy proves to be far more adept at handling hard sodomy than the men of the Order anticipated, which bodes well for his future at the Mission.

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