Elder Dalton: Initiation

Blank has taken a special interest in Elder Dalton and has decided to be his personal guide in submission and domination. In the Covenant ceremony, the boy isreminded of his commitment to the carnal pleasures of the Order by dressing in humble garb and being lead on hand and knee along the floor. Dalton crawls out of a small hovel, only to be shown into a room where a ravenous Blank watches in the corner. Blank A sits down on the bed and allows Dalton to take off his shoes and worship his feet, symbolizing the power the men of the Order have over the young missionary. While Dalton is intimidated by the blatant display of power, he is also turned on. He is surprised when Blank dips his head low to swirl his tongue around his stiff cock. How can such an authoritative man be licking the tip of his dick, he thinks as he watches the man work. But such questions are useless when intense pleasure is overtaking your body. And as the wet, sensual blowjob progresses, Dalton soon finds his mind emptying of everything but an extreme sense of euphoria. Finally, Dalton can wait no longer. He climbs on top of the muscular man and sits on his throbbing rod, filling his butt up with the religious man’s hard dick. Then he grinds down on it, trying to tease out every drop of his hot semen. There is nothing he wants more than to be showered in the man’s semen. He lays on his back and connects with the fit man as he fucks his smooth hole, flashing his beautiful blue eyes in an intense stare. All the while, Blank looks on, feeling his lustful blood boil in his body. It is clear Dalton is learning what it means to serve the Order.

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