Elder Dalton: The Covenant

Dressed in a white gown, Elder Dalton waits in eager anticipation to take the next step in his mission. He has been called in for the Initiation ceremony by Blank, a man who has always had an eye for the young boy. As he guides Elder Dalton through the ceremony, it is hard for him to stay focused on the rituals because he is so taken by the man’s chiseled body and sharp features. Perhaps he is not worthy to become a servant of the Order if he cannot keep his mind focused on the rites of passage required of him. But soon Dalton’s fears are quelled as he is wrapped in the strong, muscular arms of Blank. The girthy man undresses the boy and grabs onto his cute butt, squeezing his young flesh with an eagerness to insert his pulsing cock. Dalton reciprocates the physicality, gripping the man’s rod through his white pants, hoping to get the opportunity to stick it inside his hungry mouth. Soon his desires are met as he drops to his knees, stroking the man’s cock with his hand while he sucks on his thick tip. What a privilege it is to pleasure such an Adonis-like figure, the boy thinks as he slobbers. Blank licks Dalton’s cock and sticks a finger in his asshole, getting him ready for a massive meat injection. Then, he slides his cock inside the boy’s butt, causing unparalleled pain and pleasure as the boy spasms in delight. Dalton then mounts the muscular man’s body, riding his red hot dick hard as he jerks his own uncut penis. Finally, after an exciting cock ride, the boy brings himself to climax, sliding up and down Blank’s pole as he squirts a glistening load from the tip of his young dick. Once again, Dalton has served his purpose with deft skill.

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