Elder Dobrovnik: Second Anointing

Elder Dobrovnik was familiar with a certain kind of structure in his life. Starting from his orderly, Russian childhood, he was always one to stay within the lines, follow the rules, and seek out men of authority to whom he could be obedient. As his eyes awoke to the early morning light of his window, he could feel the inner workings of that structured behavior begin to turn on. Just as his muscles were preparing to begin their morning routine of pushups and sit-ups, he could feel the unusual presence of new warmth and weight in his bed. There, still sleeping next to him, lay Elder Esplin, breathing softly and smoothly, still resting from their previous night's activities. Nothing could be further from what he had been used to. Dobrovnik couldn't believe the change in his mind and body, from never even considering being intimate with another man to now loving it--craving it even! It was now an extension of his mission and his desire to be obedient. Giving himself to another man--whether to him directly or to another by request--was now the highest form of pleasure he could experience. As the two Elders slowly awoke, made their beds, and got dressed, Elder Dobrovnik was feeling his body tremble as he anticipated his meeting with President Oaks at the Temple. His desire to surrender himself to this man knew no bounds. Elder Esplin could see his apprehension and gave him a long, comforting hug followed by a soft, sweet kiss. Esplin still had that fresh smell he'd had from the night before, only now slightly powered with his own, morning musk. While the embrace certainly alleviated Elder Dobrovnik by some measure (and began to arouse his penis as well), he didn't know what to expect of this meeting. Regardless, he knew was that it was his duty to do all that his President asked of him. Upon approaching the doors of Temple, Elder Dobrovnik's mind was becoming more and more unfocused. Thoughts of the Church, The Order, President Oaks's powerful cock, Elder Esplin's soft lips, and The Brethren all spun through his head to the point where he barely noticed that he'd been asked to undress down to his undergarments and wait inside a large, white room. It seemed to have no single light source, but rather glow from all around. President Oaks entered the room and could sense the boy's distraction. He gently placed his hand to Elder Dobrovnik's dimpled chin and held his head in place. Immediately, as if he had a direct line to his brain, his entire focus shifted to President Oaks' steel eyes. Being in the presence and literal hand of this powerful man seemed to be the only thing that could keep him still in that moment. All Elder Dobrovnik wanted was to please him. "Before we begin, I want you to remember what we had discussed when we first met," began President Oaks. "Do you remember, Elder?" "I do." "What did I ask of you?" "To be totally and completely obedient, President Oaks. No matter what is asked of me." With a pause and smile, President Oaks replied, "Good boy." Hearing those words filled Elder Dobrovnik with an intense satisfaction that spread from his core to his finger tips. And, from what President Oak's seemed to notice, it spread out to his cock as well, causing it swell and stand just as alert as he was. With his other hand, President Oaks took his time cupping and then gently squeezing the covered balls of the tall Elder. Coming in close to his face, President Oaks spoke softly and firmly, "I want you to take off your undergarments and get on all fours on the table. Keep your eyes focused forward and don't move unless I say." Elder Dobrovnik complied and quickly got undressed and into position. Staring out at the white wall ahead of him, his mind started racing again about what may happen. And just as before, a stillness hit him as he felt President Oak's hand grab him. This time, not on his chin, but on his exposed, vulnerable ass...

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