Elder Ence: Interrogation Benediction


Elder Ence was an unlikely candidate to be selected and groomed for the higher priesthood. He was a fine specimen of masculine beauty certainly, but according to the brethren, the boy would need to be broken like a feisty colt. And that is exactly the kind of challenge the men of The Order enjoy. Working with his mission president, the brethren placed Elder Ence together with Elder Dudley and Elder Sorensen in a threesome. Missionary threesomes are not all that uncommon, but this particular grouping was unique. Elders Dudley, Ence, and Sorensen had each messed around with each other independently when they were on splits. When this came to light thins quickly got hot and heavy between all three of them. It wasn't the first time he had engaged in gay sex. And like all the times before, he didn't feel guilty. He knew his lack of guilt was uncommon. He could daydream about having his cock swallowed by Elder Dudley while sitting in sacrament meeting, and not think anything of it. But something about these erotic thoughts in his head was changing. Maybe it wasn't the thoughts as much as it was his response to them. He felt the urge to talk to his priesthood leaders about his sexual fantasies, and not because he wanted to confess. But this was a very new sensation for a boy who grew up attracted to girls and until recently had considered himself straight. At first he had just wanted to know what it was like to take control of another boy sexually. The thrill of that power over another boy was such a high. It didn't take long before he realized there were things he liked about having sex with guys. Things that maybe he liked more than the sex he had with his high school girlfriend before his mission. Maybe it was because he knew what he liked done to his cock, but he knew exactly how to run his tongue along Ence’s shaft to make it’s head start weeping precum. Maybe it was because he knew how good it felt, just hearing Sorensen groan as he pumped load after load into Dudley’s ass was enough to make Ence shoot his load. Elder Ence loved looking down at the two missionary boys, losing himself in their handsome faces as he covered them in his cum. But sex with his mission companions didn't exactly scratch the specific itch that Elder Ence was experiencing. And while their initial advancements had left him confused, within just the past few weeks he found himself fantasizing about the rough and powerful hands of his priesthood leaders every time he closed his eyes. He couldn't stop thinking about them. The men who had power and authority over him. The men who had power and authority over all branches of the priesthood. The brethren of The Order. Unsurprisingly, his heart began to pound when he received word that his induction would continue. After he and his two companions returned from their romp, there was a message waiting for Elder Ence at their missionary apartment. Elder Ence was to report to the temple in the morning for his Second Anointing. The following morning his companions took him to the temple and dropped him off several hours before it would open to the public. Quickly moving through the lobby, Elder Ence catches himself checking his watch several times as he walks briskly towards the appointed ordinance room. He has to laugh. A few months ago, the troublemaker paid no mind to punctuality. But he has to admit that being disciplined and fucked by powerful, older men has changed all this. These days he likes the rules. They seem to go hand in hand with pleasure, at least that seems to be what they are teaching him. And he wants to follow them. When Ence enters a room filled with piercing white light, he is pleased to see President Nelson there in his pressed white suit. Ence hasn’t seen the ripped muscle stepdaddy since he formally invited him to join The Order and the boy is eager to show the man all he’s learned since. Nelson tells the boy to remove his garments. He does so quickly, his cock beginning to rise as it’s freed from his sacred garments. There is a cloth covered table in the center of the room and Nelson guides the boy onto it. President Nelson tells Elder Ence to kneel and then begins to rub warm oil across the initiate’s bare chest. The feeling of the man’s warm, knowledgeable hands running up and down his frame, fills Ence with desire. Nelson fingers go lower, rubbing the muscles of his stomach and his groin. When Ence feels Nelson’s hand wrap around his cock, he lets out a soft moan. While the President strokes Ence’s lengthening member he pinches the boy’s nipples. The mix of pleasure and pain has Ence at full mast in no time. “Get on your back,” the president gruffly orders. He tells the boy to play with himself while he unclips his belt and slips out of his suit. When Nelson is full nude he approaches Ence again and begins to tease the sensitive head of his swollen dick. He climbs onto the table, his thickly veined ten inches erect and pulsing. Ence’s mouth waters at the sight of it. The President presses both of their cocks together and begins stroking them at the same time. Ence thrusts and groans. He watches the massive muscles on the President’s abs, ripple as he pulls on their cocks. Ence loves the tease of this. His body slick with oil, slides around beneath Nelson’s solid frame. He longs for more. “You want to taste my cock, boy?” Nelson smiles. Ence nod’s hungrily and opens his mouth to receive the man’s full girth. He can’t wait to feel Nelson’s cock touching the back of his throat.


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