Elder Esplin simply could not reconcile all his frustrations with the Church. Everything he’s been raised to believe seemed to be, at best, misleading and, at worst, blatant lies about the world. He wasn't raised to have an independent mind, but thanks to a healthy dose of curiosity his eyes had been opened. It all happened so quickly and before he knew it he was careening down the rabbit hole of church secrets as he learned more and more about the elusive fraternal sex cult. Elder Dobrovnik had revealed the existence of The Order. His head was still spinning when President Ballard extended an official invitation to enter the secret fraternity, more or less fucking the offer into him with his impossibly thick dick. He couldn’t deny how hot it was to be opened up by his mission president right there on his desk. He even found himself fantasizing about it over and over. But as much as Elder Esplin desired his president's dick, and as much as he wanted to discover more about The Order, he was still full of frustrations about his missionary life. This was, of course, obvious to President Oaks. The Brethren were very perceptive and could easily identify when a young man starting to feel lost, but each boy requires tailored guidance. Oaks called Elder Esplin to the temple for exactly the thing he was sure the boy needed. Elder Esplin made his way into the dark chamber where he was told to go, and once in the room he found himself alone with President Oaks and President Ballard. The two men stood on either side of a table, covered by a black cloth. Lifting up the cover, the presidents revealed what appeared to be a long, wooden table with evenly spaced pegs in a row. Elder Esplin took note of how they increased in size and he immediately knew their purpose. President Oaks sat down in a chair at the far end and instructed the young man to undress. Elder Esplin did as he was told, not forgetting his duty to obey. As he undid his tie and removed his shirt, he felt increasingly aware of his nakedness in front of the fully clothed leaders. He felt a bit humiliated being exposed in that way. And as he took off his undergarments, revealing his naked, hard body, his felt embarrassed and aroused at the same time. “Proceed to the end of the board,” President Oaks directed. Elder Esplin made his way to the end where the smallest peg stood up. President Ballard pumped oil from a silver container into his hand and began to coat the first knob. Elder Esplin needed no more instruction on what to do and, frankly, wanted to just get through it quickly. As soon as Ballard moved his hand away, Elder Esplin moved down onto the peg, arching his back to be able to take it all in one, quick move. It hurt just a little as it spread his ass and pushed into him, being that his hole was not at all warmed up for that kind of activity. Sensing his impatience, President Oaks’ eyes shot at the headstrong boy. “Slowly,” he ordered firmly. Elder Esplin tried to suppress his urge to get each one in as quickly as possible, and focused on taking his time. As soon as his ass opened to take the whole object, President Oaks’ voice called out, “Next one… go slower.” President Ballard lubed up the second peg. And, just as before, Elder Esplin lowered himself onto it. He felt it hit a sensitive spot inside him, and it was like an electric jolt that made his dick stand up and sent a tingling sensation throughout his whole body. As his dick began to harden, he instinctively began to stroke himself. Suddenly remembering that he was being watched, he looked to President Oaks. The salt and pepper man nodded in approval. “Next one,” he said firmly but gently. “Even slower this time. I want you to really feel it inside yourself.” Elder Esplin moved down the line, gently resting his warm hole just on the top of the third peg. President Oaks leaned forward, grinning devilishly as the handsome young man followed his commands, and focused on seeing him make his way closer. “I want to see you go all the way up on it and all the way down.” As the third peg slowly filled the silky smooth anal canal of Elder Esplin, he could sense a real shift in his body. He got heated up and sweaty as the plug rubbed up against his prostate, shooting pulses of pleasure throughout his toned muscles. His humiliation became determination and his sense of pride rose up. He wanted to see how far he could go. “Next one.” This fourth movement proved to be more of a challenge. He gently pushed himself down, trying to consume the width of the object. He shifted his hips, trying to make his body yield to the pressure. President Oaks continued to watch him. He was so much closer now than when he started, practically within arm’s reach. Elder Esplin could see the man’s sexy, silver hair and tan skin out of the corner of his eyes. He wanted to prove himself to this perfect stepdaddy, but was beginning to falter. The sweaty boy looked up, just about to concede failure to the handsome, older man. “Look at me,” President Oaks spoke softly, locking eyes with his young protege. And in a new, more gentle and paternal tone, he continued, “All the way.” Elder Esplin felt his body open up and wrap around the bulbous knob, hitting hard against his prostate as he came down. Before he could even enjoy the rattle from within his pelvis, President Oaks spoke once more, “Next one....” Elder Esplin moved to the next peg, bringing his body closer to President Oak’s. He could practically smell the musk coming from him, making him hungry to have the man inside him. For now, this fifth prong would have to suffice. He stroked himself as he polished the top of the knob with his wet hole, waiting to feel it move inside him as the others had. The pain, however, become more than he could handle. With a deep breath, he sighed and admitted defeat. Having seen the boy truly push his body’s limit, President Oaks ordered him to stand up and face away. As these words left his lips, the sexy man began to undress himself, eyeing the lean backside of Elder Esplin. “Bend over,” he said, continuing to remove articles of clothing. Esplin presented his ass in the air, giving President Oaks a good look at his young pliable hole. He felt completely warmed up, his sphincter pink and sensitive from the stretching he’d undergone. Oaks' hand slid up and down his crack, soothing his ache of being stretched. He was proud of him and how far he’d come, but that was just the warm up. Moving in closer, President Oaks took his oily hand and rubbed it up and down his throbbing shaft, bringing it right up to the boy’s sensitive hole. He slowly pushed himself in, feeling the heat of the boy's ass wrap around his engorged cock head. He let out a moan when his dick kissed the deepest pocket of the boys rectum and his pelvis press against the soft cheeks of Elder Esplin's ass. Balls deep in the boy's body, he rested a moment appreciating the boy who was impaled on his cock. Before this was over, President Oaks was going to make sure every hole of this beautiful boy was fucked and filled...

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