Elder Farnsworth: Priesthood Group Action

While many boys have been chosen and inducted into the Order, few are given the chance to hold a significant position. Elder Farnsworth was delighted when he’d been called as Assistant to the Quorum of the High Priests. President Ballard had invested a lot of time into his nephew, grooming him not just for service, but for an office worthy of his talents. As he entered the dark chamber with his fellow inductee, Elder Farnsworth found himself feeling a nervousness he’d not felt since he’d first received his invitation from his stepuncle to join the Order. Nepotism had given him a degree of access and comfort that had taken him this far. He knew that this next step would require him to stand on his own and be truly vulnerable. In the center of the room was an altar slightly elevated off the floor. As he was led in, he took his place in a kneeling position on the altar. He anxiously waited, desperate to know what would happened next. Then a door opened and three figures entered. Farnsworth’s heart raced as they made their way to him. The three men surrounded him on all sides: President Oaks, Bishop Angus, and his Zone Leader, Elder Esplin. They stood tall over him, looking down on him in his attentive and submissive position. Without any word, the three brought their hands in on him, working together to take off his tie and unbutton his shirt. Elder Farnsworth remained kneeled obediently, hands flat on his lap, keeping completely still as the three men undressed him. It was strange to feel them touching him all over. As the men continued to disrobe him, their individual touches excited and disoriented him. Intentional or not, their many different hands and fingers subdued his body into a state of utter docility. The chorus of hands all over him made his flesh tingle and his loins hot. It was hard for him not to be completely turned on. He’d watched so much porn and always loved a gangbang scene. As they removed his pants and knelt him over on all fours, he knew that each of them were going to take a turn fucking him. President Oaks took a hand to the elevated cushion he was on and made it rotate, causing Farnsworth to face Elder Esplin. He couldn’t believe it! It was a surprise and a thrill to be moved so easily from one person to another. Not only was he going to service all three of them, but they were going to spin him like he was a treat on a Lazy Susan! “Unzip his pants,” President Oaks ordered, breaking the long and intense period of silence. Elder Farnsworth obeyed and went to work immediately, fumbling with the cold metal of the Elder Esplin’s belt until he was able to see his dark pants fall, reveaingl the handsome boy’s white garments. As Farnsworth’s eyes fell upon the large cock, visible through the sheerness of the garments, President Oaks and Bishop Angus continued to caress his body. Pulling out the blond elder’s cock, Farnsworth looked behind to President Oaks for permission. Without saying a word, the handsome leader pushed the boy’s head down onto Elder Esplin’s pink, veiny erection, forcing it deep into the horny missionary’s mouth. President Oaks and Bishop Angus caressed Farnsworth’s body, pulling down his garments to reveal his smooth, white ass. As he sucked, Angus took it upon himself to guide his service while Oaks carefully teased and caressed his exposed hole. Soon came another rotation and Farnsworth found himself in front of Angus, similarly sucking on his thick, bear cock. The bearded leader took the boy between his meaty paws, tousling his blond hair as the boy worshipped him. Oaks and Esplin worked on Farnsworth ass, wetting his hole and getting it ready for them. President Oaks, ever the mentor and teacher, took the opportunity to instruct Elder Esplin on exactly how. The two worked together to warm it up, each taking a cheek and spreading him wide open. Taking his hand away, Oaks looked directly into Esplin’s blue eyes. “Now, I want you to finger his hole.” Esplin obeyed, remembering his role to do as the men of the Order instructed. He wet his finger and slide it inside Farnsworth’s hot, hungry hole. Angus looked on, his rock hard cock inside the boy’s moaning mouth. Oaks was pleased to see Esplin stepping into his more dominant role and was eager to guide him further. “Now, slide two fingers inside of him,” Oaks directed. And Esplin did as he told. The ground beneath Farnsworth turned again, pulling Angus’ dick out of his mouth and turning him to the still-dressed president. Esplin continued to play with his hole. Both he and Angus now stood with their cocks out, undressed down to their garments. As Oaks began to disrobe and take out his own hard cock, Angus and Esplin watched as he filled the boy’s face. Esplin looked down on the hole he’d worked to open and felt the twitch in his balls requiring him to fuck. Taking a handful of his own saliva, Elder Esplin wet his large, uncut cock and teased it against Farnsworth’s butt. The cocksucking boy moaned deeply as he felt Esplin’s erection slide past the opening of his ass, as if waiting for him to beg for it. Bishop Angus leaned in and spread the boy’s hole open, giving Esplin the perfect path inside. With a slow and steady motion, Esplin was able to bring his thick cock right up to Farnsworth’s sphincter and watch as it pushed in. Farnsworth was so turned on being fucked by both ends. He continued to service the salt and pepper president while Esplin pumped his cock in and out of his body. Angus kept the boy’s ass spread wide, his eyes locked on the mesmerizing sight of the two boys fucking. Just as Farnsworth was getting lost in the almost mechanical way he was being filled from front and back, Esplin pulled out he was rotated once more. His cock was dripping and his flesh was excited as he was swung into his next position. His hole took a moment to relax while it had the opportunity. He knew he was going to be moved back and forth at the pleasure of the three men and wouldn’t be getting up until they’d all spilled their seed on his well worn hole. And he’d have it no other way...

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