Elder Farnsworth: The Calling

Elder Farnsworth wasn’t looking forward to this meeting. Every time he met with the Brethren, the subject of porn came up. When asked if he was looking at porn, he’d lie and say he wasn’t. The mission president’s nephew had been entrusted with the secrets of the Order, giving him an outlet for a lot of sex. Nevertheless, it was so hard-wired into Farnsworth’s desires for him to look at porn. Eventually the weight of his lies started to bring him down. Not only was he looking at porn when he shouldn’t, he was having unsanctioned sex on workovers with Elder Dobrovnik. The two had fucked before under the watch of his stepuncle, but lately they’ve been fooling around without the express permission of the Brethren. The boy’s stepuncle, President Ballard, was increasingly impatient to see the boy inducted and simultaneously unimpressed with the lies his nephew was telling. President Ballard instructed the boy to meet with President Oaks, and encouraged the president to use measures that would help adjust the boy’s attitude. Elder Farnsworth met President Oaks in his office where the man was busy reading from the Church Handbook of Instructions. The man looked up only to tell the elder to take a seat and wait. Elder Farnsworth obeyed, sitting anxiously as the president continued his reading. He sat for a long time, looking around the room, waiting for some indication of what would happen to him. After a long, quiet while, he wondered if President Oaks had even remembered that he was still there. Suddenly, President Oaks closed his book and put it away. He looked over at Elder Farnsworth, making eye contact with him for the first time since he’d entered the room. Giving a quick look up and down, he ordered him to stand up and come closer to him. As Elder Farnsworth did as he was told, he begin to really see the strikingly handsome features of President Oaks. His salt and pepper hair waved out from his tan skin, giving him a powerful, mature sexiness. He carried himself with strength and confidence, and lacking any doubt or reservation. “I want you to remove your clothing,” he said to Farnsworth. Farnsworth was nervous and apprehensive, but complied. He’d undressed many times before for the brethren of The Order, including his stepuncle, but he felt more than ever like he was on display. He’d been used before as a tool for the Order and their machinations, but this time he felt more like a nail than the hammer. President Oaks looked on, his face seemingly a blank, chiseled cast of steel. Even though he found the boy to be incredibly sexy with a perfectly fuckable mouth, his expression did not betray any hidden desire or agenda. His imperceptible gaze only made Elder Farnsworth more anxious. The sexy, older man stood up and walked toward Farnsworth, inspecting his body from the front and back. Elder Farnsworth noted that he was much taller than him, making him feel small and vulnerable. He’d never had a private meeting with him before and something about this was making him feel both uneasy and aroused. “On the desk; hands and knees…” Oaks ordered. He had the tone of a man training a pet. Strong, dispassionate, very plain and forward. This man was no-nonsense, firm, and completely in control. It was really starting to turn him on! With Farnsworth on all fours, President Oaks ran his hands over the boy’s smooth body, from the top of his downward facing head, along his spine, down to caressing and fondling his ass and genitals. Farnsworth kept trying to look up to see what the handsome man was doing, but Oaks would catch his eye and immediately and repeatedly tell him to keep his head down. After fully inspecting his beautiful, milky white ass, President Oaks ordered Elder Farnsworth down off the desk and onto his knees. Even before his feet touched the floor, his mouth was watering. He’d seen more than his fair share of porn and knew where this was headed. Taking his chin in his palm, President Oaks moved closer and ordered him to open his mouth. He did so excitedly, feeling himself become one of the horny sluts from his dirty videos. He stuck out his tongue as President Oaks placed his fingers in his mouth. His fingers somehow tasted musky and masculine. The very skin of this man was savory and delicious to him. Getting two fingers in, Oaks ordered him to suck. Farnsworth worshiped the man’s fingers, running his tongue between them, eager to taste him and please him. He hadn’t watched porn or cum in a while, and he wanted much more than his fingers in his mouth. “Stand up,” President Oaks instructed, seemingly satisfied with the boy’s performance. He began to loosen his tie and pointed to the desk, gesturing for Farnsworth to move behind it. He did, waiting to see what the man would do next, but was confused as to why he wasn’t he going to suck his cock as he’d thought. President Oaks walked behind with him, slowly eyeing his body. Farnsworth was muscular and athletic, but shorter than him in stature. He liked having someone he could physically overpower. He pushed the boy down on the desk with his head facing out toward the door. Elder Farnsworth couldn’t see what was happening, but he heard the sounds of a shirt coming off and a belt being unbuckled. He looked back, but Oaks immediately caught him and firmly told him not to look. He felt the hands of the man run along his back and up his exposed butt. Seeing nothing but the empty room before him, he listened closely to the sound of fabric shifting and rustling. He did everything he could to pay attention, all the while feeling his rock hard, leaking cock rub against the desk underneath him. Just then, he felt the warm, hard, smooth knob of the president’s cock press against his hole. He tightened instantly, surprised and unprepared for this. His mouth was still wet and hungry to be filled with the man’s dick from before. With a gentle but firm push, Oaks’ cock pushed into him, slightly hurting him as it pushed past the delicate ring of his hole. It was barely wet, with just some spit to help glide it in. He could feel every inch of it as it opened him up. The blend of pain and pleasure went throughout his body as the older man pushed deeper and deeper. His ass felt like it was on fire as the friction built. He let out moans with each breath, trying to keep himself together and maintain some control. Meanwhile, President Oaks was grunting deeply as he fucked him, mounting him like an alpha animal. Farnsworth braced himself on the desk as best he could, feeling the man fucking into him and opening his ass wider. Soon, the pain went away and all that was left was the skilled movements of the man’s cock sliding in and out him...

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