Elder Farnsworth: The Glory Hole

Soon after his disciplinary meeting with President Oaks, Elder Farnsworth was brought to temple to be presented at the veil. His ass still tender from the spanking he’d received, but he knew he could not ignore his calling to receive the higher priesthood. While listening to the handsome President Ballard talk about Adam and God and the secret signs they exchanged, Elder Farnsworth quickly began to tune out the lesson. His mind drifted and began to think only of sexy body hiding under the older man’s white suit. Seeing the distraction in the boy’s eyes, President Ballard brought the boy close up to the veil. From a narrow hole cut in the fabric, a mysterious hand reached out and began to fondle the young man’s genitals. Wearing only the shield he’d been given, it was very easy for the hand to feel the subtle swelling of the boy’s balls and shaft. Elder Farnsworth stood still, giving himself over to the hidden man behind the white curtain, knowing that President Ballard was standing over him and watching. It was a strange and exciting feeling to be handled in this way: not knowing who was taking advantage of him while also being in no position to stop it. The thought aroused him all the more, making this cock harden in the stranger’s grasp. As his desire was building, his dizzying pleasure was interrupted by President Ballard’s order for him to kneel at the veil. Ballard pulled out a pillow and placed it in front of Elder Farnsworth, who obediently fell to his knees. As he got comfortable, he peaked through the hole the hands had come through. Though his view was heavily blocked, the one thing he could see was a long, hard cock making its way closer to him. Its impressive length seemed exaggerated by its disembodied nature, making it all the more enticing to the young man. President Ballard stood next to Elder Farnsworth and gently pressed a hand to the back of his head, pushing him onto the presented cock. Farnsworth, of course, barely needed the nudge. He was always more than happy to get his mouth on a man’s dick. As the boy began to suck and service the mystery man’s cock, Ballard slowly disrobed to the side. Farnsworth wanted to steal a glimpse of the muscular man, but knew he was meant to focus on the cock in front of him. Sensing his temptation, Ballard repeatedly brought his hands to the back and sides of the boy’s head, guiding him in his oral duty. Once he was down to his garments, President Ballard shifted his attention to the boy’s body, removing his shield and exploring his youthful muscles and smooth, soft ass. His large, rough hands ran along Farnsworth’s hole and balls and up his toned back. Ballard’s cock grew as he felt the heat coming from the boy’s genitals, but focused back on his mouth, pushing the boy harder down on the cock in front of him. Saliva drooled down Elder Farnsworth’s chin as he did all he could not to gag on the big cock. Still out of eyesight of the young man, Ballard stripped down, completely naked. Elder Farnsworth’s desire to turn his head was strong, desperate to get his eyes on the incredibly sexy and muscular body he knew this man possessed. For the time being, his sensory deprivation was limited to the feeling of a hot cock in his throat and a strong hand on the back of his neck. President Ballard, on the other hand, was fully aroused watching the young man suck so devotedly. With one hand stroking his cock and the other gently teasing the puckering hole of Elder Farnsworth, he was fully enjoying all that he could see and touch. He loved feeling a full, round ass cheek in the palm of his hands, but his fingers kept yearning to find their way to his exposed slit. Getting behind him, President Ballard coached the boy’s performance, eager to see his mouth get filled. With a hand firmly pressed on the back of his head, he continued to push the boy more and more, holding him firmly up to the throbbing cock before him. His grip tightened as loud moans began to sing out from behind the curtain, signaling the imminent rupture. Suddenly, Elder Farnsworth felt the familiar taste and sensation of a hot jizz load pour over his tongue and down his throat as the hard cock shot off wave after wave of sweet cum. Stealing a few drops on the tip of his finger, President Ballard anointed Elder Farnsworth across his forehead, marking the completion of this task. Farnsworth swallowed and lapped up the drops of white cum as they continued to spew, feeling the overwhelming sense of satisfaction that came with seeing a member of the Order climax. However, he felt more charged up than fulfilled. He wouldn’t be happy until his hot hole was taken advantage of as well. Luckily for him, President Ballard had no intention of seeing his pretty, pink pucker go to waste. Just as Elder Farnsworth wiped away the last drops from his chin, President Ballard finished lubing up his thick, aching cock. Taking one arm around to the front of Elder Farnsworth, the horny president guided himself closer to the boy’s backside, seeing his stepdaddy dick creep between the bubbled cheeks of the young man. With a slow, sensual push, his cock found purchase in the mouth of his hole. Inch by inch, slowly enough that each breath seemed to move it in deeper, President Ballard’s cock spread apart Elder Farnsworth’s sphincter, stopping only once the boy’s hole met his balls...

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