Elder Garrett: The Calling

Elder Xanders woke up and got undressed. He made his way into the bathroom and turned on the shower. He felt the water to see that it was warm and got under the stream. All this was normal and routine except for one thing: he had to leave the bathroom door open. During his recent meetings with President Oaks about his induction into the Order, Xanders was asked if he touched himself during the few alone times he had as a missionary. This, of course, was something Xanders could not deny. And the brethren expressly forbade unsanctioned sexual activity. During a follow up meeting with the mission president, Xanders and his companion, Elder Garrett, were instructed to leave the bathroom door open in their apartment at all times. Elder Garrett was additionally instructed to report anything inappropriate as well. Elder Xanders tried to go on about his business, but the whole thing was incredibly humiliating. Not only did he have to forfeit his last slice of privacy, he also knew Elder Garrett was explicitly instructed to police him. Elder Garrett, however, wasn’t super keen on the entire situation. This meant no privacy for him either and the last thing he wanted was to be completely exposed. Back when he was at the Missionary Training Center, he’d been coerced to take group showers with the other boys, making him very uncomfortable. He had a tendency to get aroused easily, and being in that environment left him no place to hide his boners. Now, even in his own missionary apartment, he still had no place to hide. And he wasn't just hiding his boners, he was hiding a secret. His secret was the reason the wet naked bodies of the other boys as they showered gave him a boner. Today, Elder Garrett went into the shower and tried to get in and out as quickly as possible, hoping he could go unseen. As soon as the warm water hit his body, he felt his penis begin to swell up. It was as if his genitals had a mind of their own every time he got in the shower. Garrett began to reach for the soap and lather up his smooth, wet body when he saw a naked Elder Xanders watching him from the other room. Elder Xanders was also fully erect. The two boys shared a still moment, not sure what to do. They were conflicted, for sure, but also incredibly aroused. They’d not masturbated in a while and were desperate to cum. Elder Garrett looked at Xanders’ small, smooth body and felt himself become even more turned on. While Elder Garrett had a girlfriend back home, he also knew that the sight of naked boys turned him. He had never considered himself gay. That is, he never considered it until a few weeks ago. And now, presented with this awkward, exposed moment, he found himself intrigued, excited and very much wanting Xanders. Seeing the tortured look in Garrett’s face, Elder Xanders stepped into the bathroom and made his way into the shower. Under the water, the two boys stood next to each other, staring at one another intently. Before Garrett could explain away his boner, Xanders grabbed a bar of soap and began to soap down his companion. It didn’t take long for them to begin kissing each other and touching each other all over, soaping down their bodies and feeling every inch of their exposed, wet skin. Garrett couldn’t believe he was doing this with another guy, but it felt too good to resist. They rinsed off their bodies and made their way back to their bedroom, toweling each other off as they went. When they were back in their room, Elder Garrett laid Xanders down between their beds, pressing his body on top and kissing him passionately. Their penises rubbed against each other as their tongues wrestled. Elder Garrett lifted his head up and looked down at his excited companion. He smiled at him, still shocked by his own indulgences, and tousled his hair as he broke away. “Elder, we need to get ready for bed,” Garrett said as calmly as he could...trying to reassure himself as much as his companion. The two boys got up and began their nightly routine, reaching for their garments and settling in for sleep. Suddenly, a knock came at their door. The blood rushed from their faces as they saw Bishop Angus walk in. “You don’t have to stop,” Angus said encouragingly. “You aren’t the only ones who see what’s going on in that shower.” Elder Xanders understood immediately that the brethren had set him up. And just as quickly he understood what was expected of him. Elder Garrett, on the other hand, was not exactly caught off guard. He didn't know if or when it might happen, but after going on splits with Stepbrother Johnson a few days earlier, he suspected that an unannounced visit from one of their priesthood leaders was a real possibility. Unbeknownst to Elder Xanders, Bishop Angus had setup several web cameras in the boys' apartment when the two boys were out for the day. Xanders had been meeting with President Nelson. It was the meeting during which President Nelson had extended to the boy his official calling to join the Order. At the same time, his companion had been on splits with Stepbrother Johnson. While on splits, Stepbrother Johnson had quickly learned of Elder Garrett's secret attraction to boys. During lunch at Stepbrother Johnson's home, the sexy man expertly seduced, stripped and molested the young man. Stepbrother Johnson told Elder Garrett about the secret priesthood order. Before he dropped the boy off back at his mission apartment, he told him that cameras had been placed in their apartment that day. His priesthood leaders would be watching him, and others would likely want to do more of the things that he and Stepbrother Johnson had done. And taking advantage of the boy's guilt, Stepbrother Johnson swore Elder Garrett to secrecy about everything that had been said and done that day, not the least of which was their sexual encounter. That was several days ago, but always on Elder Garrett's mind. And very much on his mind as he was heading to his bed, still in a state of undress, as the bishop came into their room. He was initially expecting some sort of reprimand. But the handsome muscle stepdaddy surprised him with his response. Garrett didn’t know what to do. It felt like a trap or some sort of test. The older man stepped closer to the two boys and pressed a firm, strong hand on each of their shoulders. He pushed them together, making them stand inches apart, still completely nude. It was clear what he wanted. Elder Garrett leaned in to resume kissing his companion while Bishop Angus guided the small boy closer to him. Having the older man there gave Elder Garrett permission. The strong, clothed man gave him permission to do this--and he needed it badly. Two boys continued to make out with each other while Bishop Angus touched their bodies, as if he was directing their actions, while taking the opportunity to play with their erect genitals. He would even take their cocks in his mouth, grabbing at their butts. Elder Garrett felt like he was in some kind of dream. In what world would he be able to make out with his companion while the bishop watched? It was so wrong and so hot at the same time. His head spun trying to make sense of it all. Bishop Angus came behind Elder Xanders, took Garrett’s hand and placed in between Xander’s butt cheeks. The confused boy felt his companion’s tight hole and began to finger it gently. It felt warm and tight, and he wanted to feel it deeper. Bishop Angus took off his clothes and watched as his young boys played with each other, kissing and following his lead. Once he was down to his garments, he brought himself close to their bodies, feeling the heat from their skin against his. He took his large, furry, manly hand and placed it on Xanders’ backside as well, teasing the young boy’s hole alongside Garrett. Elder Xanders felt his tiny boy boy butt pulled and poked in each direction, getting him more and more excited. Then Bishop Angus spoke up and make him nearly drip with arousal. “Elder Xanders, you want to fuck him?” he asked. Xanders nodded to the older man, lust burning in his eyes. Bishop Angus grabbed at Elder Garrett’s neck and pulled him down. He spoke loudly and with authority, “Down on your knees.” Elder Garrett obeyed, crawling up on the ottoman on all fours with his ass in the air. He couldn’t believe what was happening. Elder Xanders was going to fuck him while Bishop Angus watched! A part of him wanted to run out the door, knowing everything about this moment was foreign and against all he’d ever known. A bigger part of him wanted to feel the boy’s cock in his ass and earn the older man’s approval. All he could do was arch his back and breath, feeling Bishop Angus’ hand lift up his chin and bring him in to kiss the bearded leader. His penis hardened as he could taste the older man’s tongue on his own, and just as he’d lost himself in their embrace, he felt the tip of Xander’s cock press between his tight, virgin hole...

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