Elder Hansen: The Covenant

Elder Hansen has been having a difficult time on his mission; he has struggled with homesickness, even after his companionshave tried everything to cheer him up. Now, on top of missing home, Elder Hansen has the guilt of a sexual secret on his conscience. He knows he can’t tell anyone what happened in the shower between his companions and him, or else he may be kicked out of the mission and sent home in shame. Bishop Doves sits before Elder Hansen in a private room in the temple. He can sense the boy’s inner turmoil, and can guess that the source of his anxiety is sexual. The man gently tries to uncover the truth about the missionary’s relationship with his companions. The boy is intimidated by the giant of a man, and surprises himself with the stirrings of desire every time the man speaks with his deep, masculine voice. Confronted with the bishop’s stern disposition and intense questioning, Elder Hansen finally concedes that the boys sometimes enjoy showers together. This is the limit of their physicality, Elder Hansen insists, maintaining that things never escalate past the occasional hug. But as he lies, Elder Hansen can’t help reliving the exhilarating feeling of his companions’ fingers wrapped around his hard rod in the steamy shower. After some light prodding, Bishop Doves leans in to deliver some hard-hitting questions to the nervous teenager. Has he ever fantasized about being with another man? Has he considered that other men may want to be with him? Elder Hansen strenuously denies the existence of these forbidden feelings, but Bishop Doves presses forward. He informs Elder Hansen that he will need to be put through a series of tests – tests designed to determine if the boy has ever been aroused by a man. The first step of the testing requires Elder Hansen to remove his clothes for the stoic bishop. Bishop Doves looks on as Elder Hansen obeys his command, silencing any doubts the boy raises as he undresses. Finally, Elder Hansen has reached the portion of the test in which he must expose his young cock for the strong bishop to inspect. He’s terrified of exposing himself, but he does as he’s told. When the bishop finds that the young man’s shaft is completely erect, he prompts the boy to stroke his tool while he himself fondles the boy’s nubile balls. Elder Hansen finds himself becoming more and more aroused as he runs his hand up and down his thick dick for Bishop Doves to watch. Soon, his mind is racing with sexually charged thoughts. He wonders if his companions were also put through this invasive process in their interviews. Have they revealed the secret sexual rendezvous that took place in the shower to Bishop Doves? Is it possible that the shower with his companions will ultimately be what keeps him from everything he has worked so hard to accomplish? Somehow, Bishop Angus’s deep, throaty whisper cuts through the noise in Elder Hansen’s mind. He calms Elder Hansen, telling him to breathe as his excitement reaches a peak it has never before approached. The encouragement and approval of this authoritative, older man is too much for Elder Hansen to bear, and he climactically erupts under the watch of the ravenous bishop — almost against the boy’s will, his hot jism spurts from the tip of his cock. Is he finished? Did his priesthood leader get what he wanted? Or will there be future appointments here in the temple, Elder Hansen wonders. If he’s hoping for an answer from the bishop, he’s disappointed. He goes to clean himself up. Only time will tell if there will be a future encounter, he supposes.

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