Elder Nicola: Ordination

Elder Nicola arrived on his mission with a lot of anxiety. He wanted so much to be a good missionary and impress his leaders. He couldn’t believe how different for him things had become. In many ways, he was still desperately seeking their approval--doing all he could to do what was asked of him. He never could have imagined that this would involve literally bending over for his ecclesiastical leaders. But after serving them, Nicola was overcome with a love and passion for them. And now that he’s being ordained to the higher priesthood by these same men, he is filled with joy. President Oaks could see the boy glowing. Having a hand in much of his induction, he couldn’t deny having a great deal of pride in seeing the boy come so far. He was honored to be the one to formally confer the higher priesthood upon him. Elder Nicola was invited into a beautiful room in the temple where he sat on a large, white couch. Despite his excitement, he still appeared nervous to President Oaks. The older man put on his paternal charm and the two talked pleasantly as the president made the boy more comfortable. “Elder Nicola, I’m here to invite you into the Order,” the President said warmly, placing a hand on the the young man’s shoulder. “Do you know what that means?” Nicola smiled and replied, “Yes.” President Oaks returned a smile as well, making Elder Nicola completely melt. He couldn’t believe how fortunate he was to be able to have a man like President Oaks take him through this process. Oaks made him feel so loved and so secure while also making him eager to be inseminated. The older man leaned in to kiss Nicola, gently running his hands over the boy’s shoulders, easing him into a state of sensual submission. Nicola would do anything he wanted, and would be honored to give him everything he had. Oaks then brought the boy up to his feet by pulling on his belt buckle. The sexy president began to undress Elder Nicola, unknotting his tie and unbuttoning his shirt. He had the look of someone unwrapping a present, and he couldn’t wait to play with his gift. As he exposed more and more of the boy’s smooth body, President Oaks couldn't resist groping his crotch and running his hands over his flesh. Nicola loved feeling the older man touch him, exploring his body and taking control. Something about being desired by him made him feel special and important. President Oaks continued to undress him until soon Nicola was down to his garments. The older man placed his hand inside, feeling his way around the boy’s genitals. Elder Nicola was completely aroused, and Oaks took great satisfaction in playing with his swelling balls and erection. Getting down on his knees, Oaks pulled the boy’s garment bottoms down, letting the hard member hang out in front of him. He looked up at Nicola and shot him a playful smile. He grabbed the boy’s cock and stroked it gently before placing it his mouth. Nicola closed his eyes and began to moan with pleasure. Oaks continued to taste the boy as he skillfully worked his cock. As much as Oaks enjoyed getting serviced, he also had a perverted pleasure from seeing an innocent, young boy brought to pleasure by his hands. As he sucked the boy’s cock, he felt his own erection press hard against his pants. President Oaks stood up and told Nicola to get down on his knees. As he began to remove his tie, he told the boy to undo his pants as well. This was hardly an order as much as it was permission for Nicola to get face to face with Oaks’ manhood. Nicola eagerly took the man’s pants off, assisting him in stripping down to his garments. Oaks’ prominent bulge was nearly visible through his white shorts, giving the horny boy an enticing view of the flesh he’d come to love so dearly. The president saw the boy’s mouth begin to water and had to kiss him. Pulling him up to his feet once more, Oaks planted his mouth firmly on Nicola’s, teasing his tongue with his own. Nicola returned to his knees, seeing the rise in the man’s shorts and desperate to feel his erection. Oaks nodded permissively and put his hands on his hips, leaning forward and presenting his bulge to the eager young boy. Nicola pulled down his garments and threw his mouth on the large phallus in front him. If ever he had a happy place, this was it. President Oaks moaned as Nicola’s tongue glided over his shaft, massaging him into a state of ecstasy. Nicola ran his hands over the president’s rough, manly thighs, feeling their power and strength--the well toned muscles he’d soon use to thrust deep into him. Elder Nicola savored the taste of Oaks, worshipping him on his knees like a devoted disciple. He loved feeling him fill his throat, working his mouth and hands to give the sexy stepdaddy the service he deserved. Oaks was more than pleased with the boy’s performance, gently resting his hands on the back of his head to guide and encourage him. The boy’s mouth felt amazing, but he knew that this occasion would not be complete until the boy had been sealed with his seed. He held out as long as he could, but the president knew the time had come to ordain Elder Nicola. President Oaks took the boy by the hand and stood him up, wiping a stray excess of saliva from his mouth with his thumb before kissing him passionately. He then moved back toward the couch, taking a seat and stroking his well wetted cock. He gave Nicola a sly, knowing look and the young boy stood up on the couch. Nicola placed himself over the president’s body, resting his feet on the firm cushions, readying himself to be mounted. He knew nothing would make him happier than taking the president’s seed. He lowered himself down, feeling the warm, wet head of Oaks’ member press firm against his tight hole. He eased himself down, relaxing his sphincter and opening himself around him. He closed his eyes as he felt President Oaks slide inside him, filling him deep with his hard shaft. His heart burst with excitement as he managed to sit flat on his lap, completely connected with the handsome leader. Nothing could feel more right. President Oaks placed his hands on the boy’s hips, coaxing him up and down on his throbbing cock. He felt a fatherly pride as the boy’s hole clung to his member. He couldn’t wait to make love to him and fuck him deeply, filling him with his seed and sealing him to the priesthood...

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