Elder Rim: Washing & Anointing


It is not often that two boys are so sought after by the priests, but Elder Rim and Elder Call have made such a strong impressionon the men of The Order that President Oaks couldn’t help but pull a few strings to have the boys alone in a room with him. Today, they are taking part in the Washing and Anointing ritual, which will cleanse them as they continue their path towards the higher ranks of The Order. However, as Oaks walks them through the process, his mind continually creates images of the boys embracing each other passionately. He can see their inner animals ready to spring; to devolve into the carnal, pleasure-seeking beings he knows they can be. It is only a matter of time before they will no longer be able to control themselves, and he welcomes that sexual awakening. Finally, he reaches the point of the ritual where he must undress young Elder Rim. He enlists Elder Call’s help, who is serving as a witness. Together, they take off the boy’s wet clothes, revealing his toned body and his meaty cock. Oaks is determined to arouse the boy so that he can watch him stretch Elder Call’s tight hole. Nothing would delight the man more than seeing these two prospects go at it in front of his hungry eyes. Call caresses Rim’s body as President Oaks slowly makes his way towards the boy’s sexy ass. He spreads the boy’s cheeks and gently probes his hole. He knows the boy is a top, but he wants to tease him before letting him have his way. Then, he has Call disrobe and stand next to Rim for a body inspection. Call gasps as he feels Oaks’s fingertips searching every inch of his flesh. After several minutes of tantalizing anticipation, the boys work their way down to their knees to pleasure President Oaks’s girthy dick. They open their mouths wide and take turns sucking his dick, hoping to fulfill the man's dark desires. Oaks is extremely popular among the missionary boys, and Rim and Call have always lusted after him in particular. Now they have their chance to team up and show Oaks that they have what it takes to be true servants to the men of The Order. Oaks watches as Rim sticks his swollen cock into Call’s tight boy hole. He strokes hard, showing off his youthful vigor with every thrust. Oaks likes that he is trying so hard to impress him – it only turns him on more. The priest puts his dick in Call’s mouth, spitroasting the boy with Rim as he waits for his turn. As soon as Oaks slips his prick in Call, he starts drilling away. Call moans with exasperation, closing his eyes to focus on the pleasure. Today, the missionaries have had a long-held fantasy of theirs fulfilled---and they can’t wait for the chance to make more of their wet dreams come true!


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