Elder Sorensen: Missionary Journal


President Olsen, like the other men of The Order, has been eager to get his chance to play with Elder Sorensen’s body.The boy has cemented himself as a superstar missionary boy, a veritable genius of sexual servitude. But Olsen is a skeptic. He never believes the hype, especially when it comes missionary boys. He has seen many come and go with the years, and he has rarely found himself as impressed with them. Not that he is a snob. It’s just that his standards are astronomically higher than most. However, as soon as Sorensen gets him alone, Olsen begins to understand what has the other men so excited. The boy is a perfect specimen. His body practically exudes youth, giving off an energy that could brighten even the darkest of rooms. Olsen is immediately impressed by this aura and finds himself willing to go for the ride for the first time in a long time. Sorensen is offering him a new perspective on things, and he has not even gotten the chance to sample the boy’s sweet hole yet. Olsen plunges into Sorensen’s butt, staring into his eyes as he does so. His vision is dead-set on the boy, and he refuses to break eye contact. In fact, it is almost as though nothing in the world exists while he strokes inside him. His consciousness has been completely filled by Sorensen’s intoxicating presence, and he finds himself crazed with passion. He thrusts harder and harder as the boy’s panting grows deeper. He begins to crave the boys cum. He pumps until he shoots a load of cream onto Sorensen’s tight asshole. Then, the boy unloads his sperm onto the priest’s inflamed body. Sorensen has won another convert – if Olsen was not a believer before, he certainly is now.


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