Elder White: Atonement, Part 1


Elder White is dizzy from the thorough pounding he just received from Bishop Angus, but his journey of priesthood preparation through the temple isn’t over yet! Despite the sexual nature of the missionary temple rituals, the boys are still held to strict moral standards of conduct dictated by The Order. But they’re adolescents, and they have the same fantasies and sexual urges as other boys. When their minds wander and lust after the opposite sex before marriage, it's a priesthood leader's responsibility to train them. As part of their induction process, the boys must show that they're ready to submit to the brethren. Only the finest missionary boys will achieve their goal and be ordained into The Order, and to do so they must demonstrate that they have been humbled. A missionary boy must show that he values the bonds of the priesthood above all else. This is why the Priesthood Stretcher is at the center of such an important sacrament. The design for the Stretcher was revealed by the first Prophet, who built the instrument and dedicated it with consecrated oil for the training and grooming of the young men of Zion. Since that day almost two centuries ago, these artifacts have been housed in the secret rooms safeguarded by the true priesthood authorities in every missionary temple. And every boy who wishes to join The Order must go down the Stretcher as far as his tight hole will allow. And in all that time, no candidate has been more eager to demonstrate his unwavering devotion than Elder White. President Oaks and President Nelson wait for Elder White in the hallowed ordinance room set aside for stretching out missionary boys’ holes. They are impressed by the boy’s stamina, and have high hopes that he’ll make it all the way down the Stretcher. Though secretly they hope he’ll fail, so that they can finish the job with their own cocks. Elder White is nervous about entering the dark room with the strange looking bench in it, but he tries hard not to show it. President Oaks tells President Nelson to undress the boy. As each article of clothing is removed from White’s body, the two men admire his gorgeous body. The Order values youth and beauty — they know that physical fitness is a form of godliness. And Elder White is a fine specimen of masculine missionary beauty. Soon, the boy is stark naked, standing between the two men in suit and tie. Getting the boys naked while they keep their clothes on is one of The Order’s tactics for making boys susceptible to their power and authority over them. And Elder White feels their power, exposed as he is to both men. He loves the attention they’re giving him, even if it is demanding. He hopes he won’t disappoint them. Once both men have run their hands over his naked body for a few moments, he is led down to the other end of the Stretcher and told to sit on the first peg. It’s firm and lubricated, and the first one is easy for him to take. But it is designed to push directly against his sensitive prostate as it enters him. The sensation makes him gasp, and he takes a deep breath as he sits down completely. President Nelson stands beside him, encouraging him and supporting him with a hand. As Elder White makes his way down the Stretcher, proud of his success as he goes from peg to peg, President Nelson massages the boy’s fleshy ass. And feeling that solidarity from the man makes it a little easier for the boy to advance. But when Elder White reaches the last peg, it’s simply too much. It’s thicker than his arm! Nevertheless, he tries. He squats on the fat peg, willing his hole to surrender. His face is only inches from President Oaks’. The man can see the boy’s strain and determination. Finally, Elder White drops his head in defeat. “I've tried but just can’t,” he says. President Oaks tells him to stand up. Now that the boy’s hole has been opened up, it’s time for the men to see how White’s hole feels. President Nelson undresses slowly. His body is astonishing — he’s all muscles from head to toe. As he undresses, President Oaks toys with Elder White’s cock and hole. When Nelson is totally naked, Elder White sneaks a peek at the man’s thick cock. Even soft, it’s enormous. White is bent over the stretcher, clutching one of the pegs. President Nelson sits down in the red chair and gently pushes a finger into the boy’s warmed up ass. Oaks unzips his fly and starts to play with his own cock as White’s whimpers turn to moans. When instructed, White spins around to suck President Nelson’s dick, his ass high in the air. President Oaks, fully aroused, slaps his cock against the boy's pink hole.


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