Elder White: Disciplinary Action

After being pulled through the veil, Elder White is led down a short hallway to the Celestial Room. A group of men are already inside waiting, stroking their exposed hard-ons. Like him, the only garb they are wearing is the robe. But before Elder White has any time to fully take in the site, President Nelson's hand is on his shoulder, escorting him out of the room. "Now you have seen a glimpse of the truth. But there is more you must do before you are worthy to fully enjoy priesthood sex, and the blessings of the Priesthood Order." Elder White is lead back to the dressing room and is instructed to get dressed. Now in his missionary attire, he is led to a dark, black room in the temple basement. The only furniture in the room is a red velvet chair with a high back, sort of like the ones he had seen the general authorities sit in during each General Conference. President Nelson instructs him to stand next to the chair and wait. As he waits for who knows what, Elder White is afraid but also intrigued. Whatever The Order has in mind for him, he’s determined to prove that he’s an obedient boy. He is made to wait for what seems to be an unreasonably long time, almost as if they want to test his determination, but he stands at attention, even though his legs ache and he wants to sit down. When President Oaks finally enters the room, Elder White is immediately attracted to him. He quickly scans the man’s handsome face, which is set in a stern frown, and glances at his big, strong hands. But he doesn’t say a word. President Oaks sits down in the large chair and begins manhandling the boy. Elder White lets the stranger strip him, even though he starts to feel self conscious standing there in front of the fully dressed man, buck naked and sprouting an erection. But he tries to look calm, and when the man orders him to lie face down across his knees, the boy obeys. With his ass in the air, the boy feels completely vulnerable. But he waits quietly. President Oaks takes his time groping and fondling the boy's sensitive backside. The boy tries not to make a sound, but as the President teases his pink hole with gentle nudging and prodding motions, he lets out involuntary whimpers. Even when the man spanks his ass hard, he doesn’t move or cry out. It's the strangest thing, but he finds himself wanting to be there. Not wanting Oaks to stop. Something about the pain is turning him on. Not the pain exactly, but he can't describe it. All Elder White can think is that he wants to be punished. He wants the man to spank him harder. This is supposed to be purifying, but the sensation is so electrifying it's making his dick painfully hard and weep precum.

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