Elder White: Initiation, Part 2

As President Oaks licks Elder White’s erect cock, the boy can’t take his eyes off the man. He can see in the man’s eyes just how badly he wants to get inside his hole, but Elder White waits patiently for him to make the first move. He knows who’s in charge. And when Oaks flips him over and lubes his hole, Elder White can feel the mounting desire, from his balls to the tip of his cock, which is soaked in precum. Unable to resist any longer, he drops his head down on the stool and sticks a finger in his own butt. The relief is immediate, but Oaks pulls the boy’s finger out — that hole his do whatever he wants with. Oaks slips the head of his penis in the crack and rubs it against the hole, pressing in slightly, and teasing the boy, who squirms and arches his back. Elder White can't believe he's about to be fucked here in the temple, where everything is white to symbolize purity and cleanness. In this moment, the sex he is about to have feels like the most beautiful thing he has ever known. But his thoughts are interrupted as the man slowly but insistently presses his cock into the boy, until he's all the way in, his balls resting on the boy's taint. Overwhelmed by pleasure, Elder White closes his eyes and braces for a pounding. Oaks puts his strong hands on the boy's lower back and presses down as he slowly saws back and forth before he really fucks him. Elder White turns to look at Oaks. The look in his eyes is all the encouragement President Oakes needs and his instincts take over. Every muscle in the young man's body is flexed as he struggles to take the man’s shattering thrusts. President Oaks grabs two handfuls of ass and pulls White's ass cheeks apart, so that he can watch his cock slide in and out of the boy’s hole. Elder White's not sure if he’s allowed to touch himself, but almost without realizing it his hands slides down his chest and starts to massage his hard, and now very sensitive cock Oaks wants to watch the boy play with his dick, so he flips him over on his back and hikes his legs up. The two look into each other’s eyes as Oaks slams him, and White strokes hard. He can't believe how hard and how long Oaks has been fucking him. All he wants in the world is this man’s cum. But as the pace of Oaks's thrusts picks up, and he starts to breathe hard, eyes closed, Elder White is sure he’s finally getting close. He looks down and waits for the big hot load of semen to shoot out of the tip of that fat cock

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