Elder Wolf: The Interview

President Lewis can be pretty tough on the young missionaries, but he knows when he needs to scale it back. Today, as he meets Elder Wolf for the first time, he can tell that the boy would benefit from a softer approach. Something about the young men exudes an air of innocence that Lewis knows better than to shatter. There is an art to dealing with a boy like this, and Lewis is the master of the form. In the meantime, Elder Wolf is going through a battery of questions in his own mind. Since he started his mission, he has heard whispers of some secret group of priests who would eventually approach him. His fellow missionaries have given him morsels of information that seem to come in codes. There are secrets in the halls of the mission, and Elder Wolf can sense that he is only walking deeper into that cloud of mystery as his meeting with President Lewis commences. Looking into the man’s eyes, Wolf can tell that he will get no real answers today. All he can hope for is some indication of what the grand design is. What do these priests want with him, and is he willing to provide it? Maybe there will be some clue as to what lies in store for him. He just can’t let his anxieties show. “You nervous?” President Lewis asks playfully. “A little,” Elder Wolf responds honestly. They both smile a bit as they recognize the awkwardness in the room. A shared smile can go a long way, President Lewis thinks. “Do you keep all the commandments?” Lewis asks. “Do you keep yourself pure? Do you keep the law of chastity?” “Yes, yes, yes” the young missionary answers. But when Lewis asks if the boy masturbates, Wolf stutters --- President Lewis has found his opening. After a bit of probing, Elder Wolf reveals that although he tries to suppress them, he does indeed have dirty thoughts. But the harder President Lewis presses, the more Wolf gives up. Eventually, the young elder finds himself revealing more than he thought he would, and he is sure that he will not make it through the Worthiness Interview at all. But rather than turning the missionary away, Lewis embraces him. He pulls his cock out of his slacks, taking it in his mouth and showing him affection that Wolf could never have imagined. The boy is shocked by Lewis’s sensuality, and as he opens his mouth to give the priest a worshipping blowjob, he realizes why his fellow Elders have been withholding information. This is an experience that can only be understood firsthand. And when President Lewis slides his cock inside Wolf’s tight hole, the boy finally understands: He is here to serve.

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