Elder Xanders: Disciplinary Action

Ever since he arrived on his mission, Elder Xanders just wanted to go home. All his life he’d been told what to do and where to be. And now that he was eighteen, he wanted freedom. That wasn't going to be easy for him. Between his youthful looks and his small stature, he was never treated like an adult. As a missionary, the other boys have given him a nickname. They call him "little stepbrother." The other missionaries aren't mean. They adore him. But still, it's hard not to resent being told how cute he is, or having the other missionary boys ask to have their pictures taken with their "cute little stepbrother." Stature aside, if he’d been born anywhere else, he’d just be a normal kid. But in his strict missionary household, he was a bit of a black sheep. With his stepfather being a Stake President and two older brothers who could do no wrong, expectations were high. Specifically, there was a high expectation for him to tow the line and obey. This never really sat well with him and he was eager to do something for himself. Nevertheless, while on his mission he was a model of missionary behavior. That is until he was on splits with Elder Sorenson. Elder Xanders wasn’t exactly hard to read, and that made it that much easier for Sorenson to do what he does best: seduce and fuck the boy senseless and have him beg for more! The boy practically still had a load in his butt when Sorenson reported his activities to the Brethren, who in turn were quick to act on the information of a potential new recruit. The very next day, Elder Xanders received a call at his apartment. He was being asked to meet with President Nelson. As much as the young man wanted to go home, Xanders knew that if word got out about having sex with another boy, he’d be shunned by his community and family. It made his palms sweaty and his heart race. On the way to the temple he tried to remain calm, the whole time frightened about what was in store for him. President Nelson saw the beautiful young wisp of a boy walk into his office. As young looking as any missionary missionary boy, and barely a young man, Xanders couldn’t have weighed more than 100lbs soaking wet. And the boy had the face of a scared child. Clearly he couldn’t shave yet, but that wasn’t uncommon for eighteen year old missionary boys. Many of the late bloomers wouldn’t be shaving until halfway through their missions. In the case of Elder Xanders, however, he wondered if the boy had even gotten his pubes yet! The two talked for a while about seemingly everything. P-day activities, his adjustment to being away from home… and then the subject of his recent transgression with Elder Sorensen came up. Xanders turned white as a sheet, but Nelson cut to the quick, saying that he knew exactly what took place. Indeed, he said that he knew every last detail of what happened when the boys were on splits. “Nobody needs to know if you can promise me one thing,” said Nelson. “Anything,” Xanders replied. “Please just don’t tell my family!” “You have to promise you’ll tell no one about about the remainder of our discussion, or what will happen here today.” “Of course.” “Good. ...Stand up,” he ordered to the nervous boy. The boy did as he was told, still visibly shaking at his knees. “Get undressed,” Nelson instructed. The young missionary was confused, but did as he was told. He wasn’t sure what was going on, but he knew that his fate was in this man’s hands. He couldn’t say no to him now--not at this point. Nelson watched him as he stripped. As each piece of clothing fell to the floor, he could see just how tiny this boy really was. He got excited, eager to see his body next to his own. He told Xanders to stand next to him and he ran his hands over him. He was wearing only his garments, which practically hung off him like robes. As loose as his whites were on his tight little frame, there was one area that was surprisingly very tight: his crotch. This tiny, nervous boy was rock hard. The boy’s breath was a soft patter. President Nelson grabbed at the bulge in his shorts, impressed by the massive erection he was concealing. He smiled. There’s nothing quite like the quivering of a young boy who can’t help his own arousal. The older man pulled Xanders’ garment shorts down and fondled his genitals carefully, stroking his shaft and cradling his balls. He proceeded to remove his shirt as well. He loved seeing his soft, smooth body in all it’s glory. He needed a thorough inspection. “Get up on all fours,” Nelson ordered, not revealing his excitement in his tone. The boy got on top of the desk and stretched out his arms and legs. It felt wrong and uncomfortable, but he knew he was in no position to argue. Besides, he couldn’t help but be completely turned on. President Nelson made his way to the boy’s backside, running his hands over the boy’s smooth ass, spreading his tiny cheeks apart to expose his boyhole. His tiny pucker was absolute perfection. He grabbed at him tightly, practically getting the entire buttocks into one of his large man hands. He felt up Xanders’ entire body, causing the boy to shake like a leaf. He landed at his front, facing him, locking eyes with him, and placed his fingers in the boy’s mouth. Xanders’ soft, full lips instinctively wrapped around Nelson as he felt around his warm, wet, velvetine tongue. Nelson closed his eyes and revealed to the boy an expression of passion. And Xanders’ cock grew harder. “Come lean over the desk,” Nelson whispered. Xanders obeyed, climbing down from the desk and planting his feet firmly on the ground. His palms were sweaty from nerves and he did he best to compose himself. All the while, he heard the sound of Nelson’s belt buckle behind him and his heart beat faster. He waited. Staring ahead, he could could hear the sound of clothes coming off and falling to the floor. He didn’t know what to do. His cock was rock hard but he was frozen solid. It wasn't until he felt the warm, stiff shaft of Nelson’s bare cock slide against his butt that he felt himself shake free of his anxiety. President Nelson pressed his body hard against Xanders’ and pushed his shaft between the boy’s thin legs. He gently took the boy’s penis in his hand and stroked it as he caressed his body with the other. Anxiety turned to anticipation as the horny missionary felt his desire for the man grow. This handsome, powerful, muscular man was in total control and he wanted him to take him. President Nelson was tempted to skewer this beautiful boy on his massively thick endowment. He wanted to watch his cock push inch by inch into the beautifully smooth ass of this young man. Of course, his nine inches might split the boy in two. For now the boy was his to do with as he pleased, and he would take his time enjoying the young man’s ivory smooth flesh. And if he didn't impale and fuck this beautiful boy today, he wouldn't let Xanders leave his office until he was certain the boy would come back and beg for it later...

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