Elder Xanders: Priesthood Prep

Elder Xanders was still catching his breath after he got back to his apartment. With each breath as he lay in bed , he continued to relive his meeting with President Nelson. It was all so sudden and strange; he wasn’t sure how to wrap his head around what had happened. After getting him naked and touching his body all over, President Nelson proceeded to play with Xanders’ cock and watch as the young boy masturbated on his desk. Xanders felt violated and humiliated, but also wildly turned on. After the young missionary ejaculated, President Nelson gave the boy further details about the Order and how Xanders had been selected. Truthfully, the only thing the boy could think about was his exciting violation. Back home in their missionary apartment, Elder Sorenson pressed him for details on what happened. Elder Xanders was told explicitly to not speak about the Order or what happened between him and President Nelson. Nevertheless, thought boy thought he could trust Elder Sorenson with secrets about the brethren and told him everything. Elder Sorenson listened closely, lingering on every word Xanders said. The boy’s story aroused Sorenson. The thought of the boy being spanked for violating his covenants aroused him more. Even if it didn’t turn him on, he was duty bound to tell the Brethren immediately. It was only a matter of days before Elder Xanders was called back to the temple. He knew he would be meeting with President Oaks, but didn’t know why. Did President Oaks know about his tryst with Sorenson? Or even Nelson himself? Temple patrons guided him into the basement where he was brought to a dark room. With the exception of a few lights, he could hardly make out how wide or long it was. It was total darkness. The only figures that broke up the endless black were President Oaks and Bishop Angus. President Oaks took a seat in a large, red chair while Bishop Angus stepped toward Xanders, bringing him further into the room. Without saying a word, Oaks made a simple gesture to Angus and the burly bear of a man began to undress nervous, young boy. Xanders remained still as he was stripped and groped, feeling himself become more vulnerable as he became more naked. He felt just how small he was as he stood next to Bishop Angus. The older man was taller, stronger, and broader than him in every way. Bishop Angus took complete control of him. Touching him everywhere, grabbing at his genitals and buttocks, navigating in and out of his garments to feel wherever he desired. Xanders knew this was wrong, but knew he couldn’t do much to resist. These men were in charge. And inexplicably, this caused Xander’s penis to engorge. President Oaks gestured for Xanders to stand beside him. As soon as the boy did, he was bent over his knee and Oaks pulled down his garments to reveal his lily-white ass. The president ran his hand over it gently, feeling how soft and smooth it was. Oaks’ own erection began to pop up as he reached behind his desk and pulled out a wooden paddle. Elder Xanders remained still, not sure what to make of what was happening. He looked toward Angus for a sign of what was to come, but only saw an enigmatic smile break through his salt and pepper beard. The answer came quick and sure when he felt a sharp smack on his behind, followed immediately by the sound of wood hitting flesh. The paddle struck him over and over, each time seeming to become more painful as the shockwaves lingered throughout his butt. He still had no idea why he was being punished, but at that point the reason was irrelevant. The pain grew. He cried out, moaning into the darkness for some kind of relief. President Oaks continued on, reddening the cheeks of the young boy as Bishop Angus held him in place. The muscle bear took a hand to the boy’s neck, holding his chin up so that their eyes would meet. Angus could see the boy was scared and he returned a look that assured him that he’d be okay. Soon the paddle went away and Oaks resumed the percussive discipline with his bare hand. The slaps still stung, but Xanders felt the older man’s fingers gently clench after each impact, as if to hold his cheek in place. It lessened the pain somewhat, but more than anything it sparked something in the trembling young boy… heavy arousal. President Oaks could sense it, too. With each smack, the boy’s reaction became less frightened. His body arched to receive the hand and shook with excitement after. Oaks, of course, could also feel the boy’s swollen erection pressing into his lap. Oaks took his hand away and stood the boy up. He looked at him and spoke, “You’re probably wondering what that was for.” Elder Xanders stood trembling, uneasy in his nakedness, red-assed and weary, but nodded. “Being in the Order requires you to be obedient in all things,” Oaks continued. “You were given very specific instructions and you disobeyed. We’re here to show you the consequences of that disobedience.” Bishop Angus came behind Xanders and led him away from the chair. He positioned the boy on his knees as Oaks stood up. Stepping behind him, Oaks brought out a red blindfold and placed it over Xanders’ eyes. “Having authority, we will teach you about trust and compliance. And when we’re done, there should be no more confusion as to what’s expected of you.” Blindfolded, Xanders’ senses went wild. Without being able to see, he was desperately trying to hear what was happening and what the two men were doing. He was abruptly pushed down on all fours and coerced to arch his back in the air. His butt was aggressively smacked and grabbed as he heard the rustling of clothing in the background. On either side he could hear fabric falling to the floor, buckles jingling, and shoes being removed. When his garments were taken off, he felt two sets of hands running oil over his exposed hole. He let out a moan as it trickled across his sphincter, not sure what they were doing. Then, without warning, he felt it. Xanders let out a loud, guttural gasp as he felt a cold, hard, unyielding object enter him. It felt like smooth ice, yet it practically burned as it made its way inside him. It went deeper into his butt, prying his hole open. It only lasted a moment, but he discovered that this was only the beginning. As quick as the object was pulled out of him, he felt a hard cock push into his mouth, pressing his lips apart as it invaded his face. This was followed almost immediately by another making its way inside his wet hole. He was being taken by both sides, unable to see who it was and unable to stop it. It was all too much. He felt used. Abused. Completely at the mercy of the these powerful men without any way out. And still, he’d never been more turned on...

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