Elder Xanders: Submission

Stepbrother Calhoun couldn’t stop thinking about what happened on the stairs. In the nights that followed, he even dreamt about the way Stepbrother Strang pinned him down and fucked him. He was so confused and torn about how to feel. He couldn’t talk to anyone about it, resigning his concerns to the echo chamber of his mind. He felt guilty and angry that he was made to feel so powerless. It was a complete violation, and he knew that--but at the same time, he knew it turned him on. He’d never once considered what it would be like to be with another guy, and now that it had happened, he didn’t know what that meant for his calling. missionarys are not supposed to think about having sex with men, let alone actually do it. And while the decision ultimately was not his, he knew on some level he wanted it. He did his best to ignore it and go about his life, but he felt something was different about him. And he didn’t know what that would mean. The first indication of this change came when Stepbrother Calhoun had been meeting with Elder Xanders and his companion. The three talked about their missionary work with members, and Calhoun gave them advice on how best to get member referrals. During this meeting, however, Calhoun found himself surprisingly distracted by Elder Xanders. The young boy was very boyishly framed, short, and had very full lips. He had a smoothness that made him think of his girlfriend. And taken together, these things made him excited. Later at home, Calhoun couldn’t stop thinking about Xanders. In his nightly struggle to quiet his mind, he found himself conflating his anger and confusion about Strang with his new appreciation for Elder Xanders. Somewhere in his thoughts, he began to think about how it felt to be overpowered by Strang. The thought started to make him hard and soon his hand fell to his rising erection. He closed his eyes to touch himself, hoping to find some relief and get some rest, when his fantasy changed suddenly. It was no longer he who was pinned down, but Xanders. And it wasn’t Strang that was holding him down, he was the one holding down little Xanders. He stopped immediately, shocked by his own imagination. He closed his eyes and tried to sleep. As he had with so many missionaries before, Stepbrother Calhoun set up member-missionary splits with Elder Xanders. Stepbrother Calhoun made the arrangements, but he felt uneasy about it. He didn’t want to have the thoughts he was having, but that seemed to be out of his control. He knew that being in Xanders’ company would only make things harder. Despite this, he gave in to his powerful drive to be alone with the boy. And after a long day on splits with Xanders, it was time to shower up before bed. Calhoun opened his scriptures and tried his best to focus on the scriptures and not dwell on the struggles of the past few days. For a time this worked. But the dark thoughts came back. He could hear the water running in the bathroom and imagined the young boy inside his shower. He wondered what his body looked like without his clothes. It didn’t take long before Xanders came out of the shower in his towel, and Calhoun got his answer. Elder Xanders was in clear view of him as he began to towel off his naked body. The boy was so smooth and delicate. From behind he reminded Calhoun even more of his girlfriend. Yet somehow even more exciting sexually. His perfectly shaped butt and long, thin legs made him seem some small and so gentle. Calhoun kept watching, unable to look away, though he knew he should. He felt his penis become aroused, but didn’t know what to do about it. He kept his scriptures in his lap, and tried to not make it obvious that he was looking. As Xanders bent over, he could see his perfect, fresh, pink hole, fully on display. It was too much for Calhoun to take. He needed to feel good again, to quiet his mind, and get some relief from his anguish. And in a sudden burst of fury and passion, he stood up from his bed and rushed Xanders from behind. Calhoun cupped a hand over Xanders’ mouth, keeping him from gasping too loud from the shock. He pushed him down on the bed, holding him in place with his knee while he ran his hands over the boy’s damp body. Xanders trembled underneath the older man’s hold, not sure what to do or say. He knew he’d be no physical match for Calhoun whatsoever. He was stunned, aroused and immediately became docile. Calhoun didn’t even notice the affect he had on the young boy. He was so preoccupied with feeling around his genitals and butt that it didn’t occur to him just how nervous and frightened Xanders might be. The boy’s body was still wet from the shower and Calhoun pressed his fingers hard against his hole. He wanted to take the boy’s body, and he felt he deserved it. Stepbrother Calhoun took Elder Xanders hands and held them hard behind his back, holding him down such that the young boy couldn’t even squirm. He spit out onto the boy’s hole and fingered it in, getting his tight pucker good and wet. He then planted his mouth between the boy’s small butt cheeks, feeling the warmth of his body meet his face. He licked his sphincter long and deep as Xanders’ trembles began to diminish. Elder Xanders was unsure of what Calhoun would do, but he couldn’t help be pacified by the feeling of his ass being eaten out. It was a familiar comfort that made his body relax and his hole warm up. The aggression that that older man displayed was new and scary, but at the same time, every time Calhoun’s mouth met his ass, he let out a moan of pleasure. “Don’t move,” Calhoun ordered, his voice a dark and threatening tone he’d never used before. The leader stood and began to undress, removing his shorts and shirt as he watched the young missionary immobilized on his bed. To his amusement, Xanders didn’t move. He didn’t run or fight or scream out. He continued to lay flat with his ass exposed. A rush of excitement flooded his mind as he took out his rock hard cock and began to stroke it. He felt an incredible sense of power and control over Xanders. He felt strong… as if he was getting back some of what he’d lost to Stepbrother Strang. Calhoun wrapped his arm around Xanders’ body, lifting him up off the bed and dragging him over to the other side of the room. He couldn’t believe how easy it was. He held Xanders close to him, such that the boy’s ass pressed against his erection, holding it snugly between his soft cheeks. His eyes went wide as his urge to fuck took over. He held him firmly with one arm wrapped around his waist and bending him over with the other. Calhoun ran his cock against the boy’s tight, wet hole. In a sudden push, he made his way inside Xanders’ body. The young boy let out a muffled yelp as he tried to steady himself on his feet. Calhoun tightened his grip as he pushed in deeper, feeling the boy’s hole pulse fiercely around the shaft of his penis. He pumped his body furiously into him, unrelenting in his need to dominate...

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