Elders Dobrovnik & Farnsworth: Under His Eye


All the blood rushes to Elder Dobrovnik's head and cock. The strapping, Russian teen has been commanded to lie upside down with his ass in the air, while his mission president, President Ballard, slowly inserts a thick glass dildo into his hole. It is the most submissive position the missionary missionary boy has been in yet, and he thrills at this. Since he was a child, Elder Dobrovnik wanted nothing more than to be of service. This inclination towards obedience served him well. After just a short time in the field, he was called to be an AP to the mission president. President Ballard recommended him as one who could be worthy to join The Order. His calling with President Oaks introduced the boy to the pleasures of anal sex. The silver fox bent the boy over his desk and took his cherry. When opening the boy up, President Oaks pushed his dick against a sensitive spot inside the boy. It made his entire body tingle and ache for more. But, his meeting with President Ballard had quite a different tone. At least at first. The boy was forced to answer personal questions about his sexual desires and acts. Being a healthy, red blooded boy, Elder Dobrovnik had quite a lot of sex with girls before he joined the missionary church and was baptised. But he had been assured, at the time, that he was cleansed and would not have to speak about such acts again. Nevertheless, Elder Dobrovnik knew he could not lie to his superior and admitted the truth. President Ballard told him that real missionary boys must be pure and that purity is only attained through punishment. He then commanded the boy to lie across his lap while he spanked him with a paddle. And that's when the boy had an incredible realization. Elder Dobrovnik found that with each slap, his cock hardened and his balls filled with cum. Once the boy’s muscular cheeks were sufficiently red, President Ballard told the boy to pleasure himself while he plunged a dildo into his ass. Now, Elder Dobrovnik eagerly strokes his cock, wanting nothing more than to orgasm for this powerful priesthood authority he so admires. His passion only increases as the older man begins to kiss and lick his muscular calves and feet. But before he can shoot his load, President Ballard calls out to someone who has been waiting nearby. “Enter,” Ballard says gruffly. A boy with tousled blond hair steps into the room, clad in nothing but a towel. His pulsing member is already peeking out from the white cloth. President Ballard motions for the boy to approach. He immediately rips the towel from the boy’s waist and wrap his hands around the boy’s smooth, pink cock. “This is my nephew,” President Ballard says. “He’s a good, pure boy.” Elder Dobrovnik watches as the boy pushes against Ballard’s thick fingers, groaning and staring down at the prone Russian. Involuntarily, Elder Dobrovnik’s cock begins to leak precum as he thinks about being fucked. Specifically getting fucked while his mission president, who is the boy's stepuncle, looks on. “Get on your hands and needs,” President Ballard instructs, withdrawing the glass dildo from Dobrovnik’s ass. Ballard’s nephew does wait. The younger boy pulls Elder Dobrovnik upright and then pushes him down on all fours. Seconds later, Elder Dobrovnik can feel the head of the boy’s wet and hard dick, pressing against his backside. Then, slowly, President Ballard's nephew thrusts into Elder Dobrovnik who is more than ready to have his hungry hole filled.


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