As handsome Mason enters Father Fiore’s office, he can sense anger in the air. Fiore is known to wear a serious face at all times. His sense of humor is nonexistent, and every boy at the school knows how foolish it is to cross him. But the memo didn’t seem to get to Mason, and after letting a laugh slip during daily mass, no amount of charm will spare him the serious disciplinary action awaits. “You wanted to see me?” Mason asks as he waits for Fiore to look in his direction. The priest makes him stand at attention as he finishes his studies. Then, he addresses the boy curtly. “Do you like being at this school?” he asks Mason, staring directly into his eyes. Mason is caught off guard. He doesn’t exactly love attending the strict Catholic school. He was sent as a last ditch effort to keep him out of trouble in his small hometown. But he knows better than to reveal any of his misgivings to Father Fiore. “I do,” he lies unconvincingly. Fiore isn’t fooled by the charade, but instead of addressing the dishonesty, he pushes forward to the real reason for summoning Mason to his office. “It’s pretty clear that… I could hear you laughing at mass,” he informs the boy. And while Mason explains that it was unintentional, such an act is highly frowned upon. In fact, Fiore takes it as a direct insult to him and the faith altogether. Such disrespect cannot be tolerated, and Fiore is the type of man who likes to take it upon himself to show an uncouth boy like Mason that he is not above the rules. “You do understand that I’m going to have to discipline you,” he states dryly. Without any other options, Mason accepts his fate. He bends over the priests knees and feels a chill run over his body as his bare ass is exposed. The priest raises his hand, and Mason braces himself. He waits for the short, sharp shock that will accompany Fiore’s palm coming down on his cheeks. Sure enough, the pain fills him with adrenaline, but strangely, the rush of sensation makes his cock grow. He counts the spanks as the angry priest continues to punish him. Then, Fiore moves onto the second phase of the disciplinary action. He plugs the boy’s butt with a dildo, loosening his asshole as he rests on the priest’s desk with his legs spread. Mason moans orgasmically. He cannot believe what Fiore is doing to him, but he is willing to obey any of the commands that he’s given. Finally, the priest unsheathes his thick boner and shoves it inside the insolent boy’s tight asshole. He fucks Mason raw on his desk as the boy strokes his uncut cock. Then, he covers the boy’s butt with hot sperm. Mason has learned his lesson to be reverent during mass and always show respect to Father Fiore.

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