President Lewis: Reunion

With every passing day, President Lewis grows bolder in his willingness to break with tradition. The Order has certainly taken notice, but the rest of the High Priesthood is interested to see where the man’s nature takes him. In some ways, Lewis represents the new guard of The Order, and his decisions could create precedents for years to come. That being said, he is certainly more representative of the liberal end of the spectrum in terms of priest behavior. He is known for allowing himself to succumb to sexual flights of fancy. He follows his cravings and whims, and thus far he has indulged every one of his fantasies. Usually, Lewis reserves his erratic behavior for private encounters with the Elders. He meets them in bathrooms, in hallways, in their dorms, and seduces them into unsanctioned, unsupervised sexual encounters. He promises to use his authority to shield them from any consequence, and the boys happily follow his lead. The man has an undeniable ability to bend missionaries to his will, making sure to leave his mark as he plunges into their tight assholes with his unforgettably thick cock. But like any good rebel, Lewis is not easily satisfied. The further he follows his temptations, the further he must go. There is no telling what Lewis’s next move is. Today, he calls a meeting with one of his favorite members of the Order. He has a long history with Bishop Napoli, having personally bred him when Napoli was only a young missionary in search of meaning and purpose. Back then, Napoli was fresh-faced and bright-eyed, a particularly naive boy who had a purity that every priest in the Order coveted. However, he gravitated towards Lewis, and it soon became clear the eccentric man was his chosen favorite. That propensity towards Lewis is exactly why the two men stayed apart for so long once Napoli ascended to the higher ranks of the Order. Such close and intimate friends and lovers should not be allowed to stay so close as brothers in the priesthood. It can cause confusion and interfere with their jobs. They are tasked with guiding young missionary boys, not falling in love with each other. But while they have outwardly obeyed the rules, Lewis and Napoli have never been able to stop thinking about each other. When Lewis finally calls a meeting with Napoli, they both know why they have come. It only takes a couple of looks for Napoli to rip his clothes off and embrace Lewis like he did when he was a missionary. This time, he tops, shoving his thick dick in Lewis’s eager hole as moans with pleasure and pain. The passion is immediate, and an orgasmic fervor fills both men as Napoli strokes. Finally, Lewis shoots a load of warm cum on his hairy stomach, and the men collapse in a loving pile together. At this rate, Lewis’ behavior is on course to make radical changes to the Order’s core principles. As Napoli lays next to him, he hopes those changes will come soon.

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